Dash Wireless - Wireless Internet Service Provider in Kettle Falls, Washington


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why has my internet connection stopped working?

A: Such outages are typical for any network that uses a wireless router. Various factors can affect your internet connection. For example, the number of devices using the connection can play a role. When multiple devices compete for bandwidth, this can occasionally disrupt the data stream from your modem and router, causing you to temporarily lose your internet connection.

The common solution is to:

  1. Check your cable connections and make sure everything is plugged in properly.
  2. If your cables are okay, reboot the modem by unplugging the power cable. Wait 10 seconds before plugging it back in.
  3. You can also restart your computer as an extra precaution. This is optional.
  4. Once everything has been reset, your your internet connection should be restored. 

Q: What is wireless internet?

A: Wireless internet is an internet service that uses radio waves transmitted from an access point (antenna) to a receiver/transmitter installed on your house. You would still have a Cat5 cable running into your house, but not from the telephone lines or satellite dish.

Q: Is wireless internet fast?

A: Wireless internet is over 50 times faster than dial-up. That's lightning fast! If that's not fast enough, We also have a 6Mbps download speed for just a few dollars more. Play games on line with one computer and watch movies on the other with plenty of bandwidth to spare!

Q: Can I get wireless internet?

A: If you can see the access point, also known as the tower, from your home or office, you can get wireless high speed internet. Dash Wireless'  Gold Hill access point is near the Kettle Falls water tank. The Mingo Mountain access point is located on the northwest meadow of Mingo Mountain. If you can see either of these access points, you can have the fastest Internet connection in the valley!

Q: How can you offer more bandwidth for less money?

A: Dash Wireless is a small company. We don't have a large overhead like our competitors' do. Low company expenses means a savings to our customers.