Dash Wireless - Wireless Internet Service Provider in Kettle Falls, Washington

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Wireless service is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to access the internet.

Caution! Could lead to more time left in your day for other things.


Wireless service is an affordable solution for anyone desiring a fast and reliable internet connection in their home or office. Unlike cable or dsl solutions, many desktop and laptop computers come equipped with a wireless networking card. That means that there is less setup fees and less time between when you call Dash Wireless and when you're up and running.


The range of our Kettle Falls transmitters is considerable. A Dash Wireless radio mounted to your gable or rooftop will bring the signal into your home to your wireless router which envelopes your home in internet. Imagine sitting on your porch or patio on a nice summer day and listening to streaming music, checking your email or updating your blog. You can also stream video with our standard package.

Buy Local

When you call Dash Wireless, you're not calling a corporate call center. We're a local business that cares about the community.  We know that your internet connection is important to you and we take great pride in providing a great service to our friends and neighbors.


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