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Posted Oct 20, 2010

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Adding a New Tower

Posted by John Tyra - Jan 04, 2010


Dash Wireless has found a location for a new Access Point (AP),  on Mingo Mtn. It is up and running. If you live in the Mission Lake area or in Kettle Falls , but can't see the Tower on Gold Hill, and want a truly high speed internet service that fits your buget, give us a call and arrange for a survey to see if you can receive the signal. 

We are always looking for new sights for our Access Points, (AP), to be better able to serve our clients near and far.

Best regards,

Dash Wireless

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Feb 16, 2010
Comment by: Paul Williams

I'm so happy to find a local wireless internet provider. Can't wait to find out more about your service. Love the simple and bright look of your website.

Mar 12, 2010
Comment by: Emil Caruthers

The service is every bit as good as promised. Very satisfied.

Dec 18, 2009
Comment by: sue braya

this is a nice site

Jul 14, 2018
Comment by: hamza shah

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May 08, 2018
Comment by: Jimmie P. Rivera

The pinnacle
in Michigan it's somewhat breezy however around here in Breckenridge, you can see every one of the windmills in the region there's a significant number of them this is my backhaul reception apparatuses it's a 5.8 gigahertz 25 dB so this present one's a 22 DB dish ideal here your own with the goal that focuses on you go into my primary encourage and here I have a 5.8 vertical so Rach Adem that is 30 DB I vertical that is the thing that the clients really associate with and get an administration from down here I have the electrical box which I really needed to introduce today because of sort of a crisis settle within here is simply they only an attachment outlet a switching surge defender strip and three power connectors.

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