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Web site Design
Posted Oct 20, 2010

Wireless Routers
Posted Apr 05, 2010

Adding a New Tower
Posted Jan 04, 2010

We've Added VoIP
Posted Dec 09, 2009

Web site Design

Posted by John Tyra - Oct 20, 2010

Web site Design

 If you are in the market for a web site and need something special, simple, or just something that is easy to maintain. Brightbridge Studios is the one to trust to get it right and get you the notice you've been looking for.

 They deisigned this website, and I think they did a superb job.


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Wireless Routers

Posted by John Tyra - Apr 05, 2010

I have found a wireless router I can finally say is so easy to set-up that even I can do it.

It's the Linksys Model No. WRT54GS, It's fast, reliable, and will allow you to take your laptop anywhere in your home. Security is excellent.

Ask me more!



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Adding a New Tower

Posted by John Tyra - Jan 04, 2010


Dash Wireless has found a location for a new Access Point (AP),  on Mingo Mtn. It is up and running. If you live in the Mission Lake area or in Kettle Falls , but can't see the Tower on Gold Hill, and want a truly high speed internet service that fits your buget, give us a call and arrange for a survey to see if you can receive the signal. 

We are always looking for new sights for our Access Points, (AP), to be better able to serve our clients near and far.

Best regards,

Dash Wireless

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We've Added VoIP

Posted by John Tyra - Dec 09, 2009

We've Added VoIP

We have introduced our customers to VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

We use Skype in the office and at home to make long distance and local calls. It's affordable and easy to set up; it requires only a desktop microphone for audio input and either earphones, headphones or your PC speakers for audio output.  Many headsets are also available that are fully compatible with Skype. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Best of all, Skype also supports video. Staying in touch couldn't get any better. If you can't be there in person, be there in video (requires a webcam).

Dash Wireless can show you how. For $3.95 a month, you can get away from your long distance phone bill permanently.

*Does not incorporate 911 emergency service.

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A New ISP in Stevens County, WA

Posted by John Tyra - Nov 03, 2009

Dashwireless.net is the newest WISP, ( wireless internet service provider), in Stevens County, Washington.
We have the fastest wireless internet service for your money.

Check out the story of Dash Wireless at : www.kettlefallsfocus.com. April 2009 Issue, Page 8.

Click here to learn more about our services.




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