Dash Wireless - Wireless Internet Service Provider in Kettle Falls, Washington


Who We Are

Dash Wireless is a locally owned and operated WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider).

And that's a fact.

My name is John Tyra, I am the network administrator, installer and owner of Dash Wireless.

I started building the infrastructure toward the end of May, 2009. Mark and Susan Urhausen were kind enough to lease me a spot on their mountain side to put up a tower and antennas to be able send our internet signal to most homes and business's in Kettle Falls. Plus the Urhausen's now have Dash Wireless high-speed internet in their home. If you stop by the Food Bank, please say hello to Susan and her hard working staff.

Dash Wireless started as a dream; an idea that affordable high-speed internet can be brought to Kettle Falls. Wireless internet allows virtually every home and business within a specified range to receive reliable and consistently fast internet service.

My goal was to start by using the newest, most technically advanced equipment on the market and to keep the systems updated in that same style, yet keep the service cost affordable.The type of system is called "line of sight". If you can see my tower and antennas on the mountainside from your home (it's a little up and to the right of the Kettle Falls blue water tank), you can get our service.  Even those who can't see the tower and antennas from their home may be able to receive internet service from our powerful antennas. Call us for your free survey to determine if this is possible.

I am local. My office is in my home in Colville, Washington.

Let me show you what we can do to help you get more for your internet dollars,

Call 509-680-2203 or send an email today to schedule your free survey and consultation.