Dash Wireless - Wireless Internet Service Provider in Kettle Falls, Washington

Wireless service is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to access the internet.

Caution! Could lead to more time left in your day for other things.

Dash Wireless is a locally owned and operated WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider).

And that's a fact.

Over 50 times faster than dial-up!

We offer three packages to suit your needs.

Economy Package 1-1/2x512

!-1/2 Mbps download x 512Kbps upload

Standard Package (3/1)

3mbps download/1mbps upload

Premium Package (6/1)

6mbps download, 1 mbps upload

Business Package

More bandwidth for less money!

Get the fastest and most affordable high speed service available in Kettle Falls with no strings (or cables) attached.

We at Dash Wireless aim to provide everyday people with ninja-fast access to the internet at a price you can afford.

Whether you're searching for for the perfect apple pie recipe, watching a dog play tennis on YouTube, paying your bills online, or staying in touch with family and friends, Dash Wireless is the ISP for you. Wireless internet service is also the perfect solution for streaming video.

Access the internet from inside your home or in your back yard, (with the addition of a wireless modem or router). Getting a fast and reliable internet connection has never been so easy. Experience what makes Dash Wireless better than the rest.

We have a package just right for your requirements and your pocket book. Starting at just $29.95/mth for our economy package of 1-1/2Mbps/.512Kbps. This includes free activation!

Email accounts are free with up to 5 addresses (depending on the package).

Contact us today for your free consultation.

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